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XPLC Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_GUIDThe structure underlying UUIDs
CheckIObjectOkClass CheckIObject {};
ConversionIObject< T >Class CheckIObjectOkVector {};
GenericFactoryGeneric factory class
ICategoryRepresents a category
ICategoryIteratorAllows iteration over a category
ICategoryManagerLet you register categories and obtain information about them
IFactoryCommon object creation interface
IModuleThe interface that a module should provide
IModuleLoaderThe interface to control the module loader
IMonikerAn interface for obtaining an IObject given a moniker string
IMonikerServiceAn interface for registering objects so they can be retrieved using a moniker
IObjectThe basic interface which is included by all other XPLC interfaces and objects
IObjectImplInternalHelper internal structure
IServiceHandlerInterface to an object which can be used to find other objects, given their UUIDs
IServiceManagerThe XPLC service manager interface
IStaticServiceHandlerService handler for statically linked components
IWeakRefRepresents a weak reference to another object
UUID_InfoUtility structure used for the interface map
WeakRefCommon implementation of a weak reference
XPLCThe XPLC helper class
XPLC_ComponentEntryEntry for a component
XPLC_IID< T >An Interface IDentifier
XPLC_ModuleInfoInformation for an XPLC module
xplc_ptr< T >Smart pointer class for XPLC interfaces

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